The Degree Audit Report is used to assist in degree planning and course selection. You have access to your Degree Audit Report via e-Services, under ‘Academic Records’. It is important to review your Degree Audit Report carefully at least once a semester to ensure it represents what you expect in terms of graduation planning and degree completion. Questions concerning your Degree Audit Report can be addressed by your academic advisor or the Records & Registration Office.

Plan to bring a copy of your Degree Audit Report to your advising sessions so you have the most up-to-date information for your discussion with your academic advisor. The Degree Audit Report will be your graduation plan when you apply for graduation, so ensuring its accuracy is very important.

If you have a course that you feel should apply to your degree program, discuss it with your advisor when you meet and consider starting a Course Substitution process.

Use the Student Planner to create a personalized plan for each semester to fulfill your program requirements and stay on track for graduation.

Transferology /Course Applicability

Transferology is an online tool that displays how BSU will accept coursework from other institutions across the nation, as well as select Canadian and International institutions. You will need to create an account to access Transferology.

To create a Transferology account:

  • Go to Transferology’s website
  • Click the ‘Create an account’ link
  • Enter your information
  • Record your user ID (e-mail address you use to create the account) and password in a safe place

If you cannot find the school you are transferring from, please contact our Transfer Team advisors to determine how your prior coursework will be accepted.

Transferology Tips

As a student, when you enter courses in your Transferology account, you can view matches for schools participating in Transferology. Schools are ranked by the percentage of coursework they accept in transfer, though you may focus the results with a number of handy filters and sorts, including how your courses transfer into a specific program at another college or university.


Indicate the specific courses you may be awarded after transferring, provided you have earned a grade that is passing and high enough for specific program requirements.


Two types of misses are listed: courses that will not transfer and those that will transfer to this school if you take additional coursework (shown in gray).


These are courses that have not been reviewed by Bemidji State University yet to determine transferability. Please contact our Transfer Team advisors to determine how your prior coursework will be accepted.

Degree Audit Legend

Requirement Symbols Meaning
NO Requirement not Completed
OK Requirement Complete
IP Requirement In-Progress
+ Subrequirement Complete
Subrequirement not Complete
R Mandatory Subrequirement


Course Symbols Meaning
*X Duplicate Course
RP Repeat
*R Repeatable Course
L Behind Course#Indicates Lab
(R) Required
T Before Grade Indicates Transfer Course
**** Any Department
>- Repeatable Course, Credit or Count reduced
>S Credits Split


Other Symbols Meaning
++ 2 or more courses used to satisfy BSU equivalent
NC Inst. Not Regionally Accredited, No Credit Accepted
Graded zero credit courses will not appear in DARS until a grade has been posted.