Requesting your Federal Direct Student Loans

Once you have received notification that your financial aid offer is available to view online, log into your e-Services account. You will see the amount you have been awarded. You may request a lesser amount than awarded but not a greater amount.

Follow the directions on the Loan Information Page of your Award Notice and submit your loan request electronically.

Step 1. Entrance Loan Counseling

In addition to completing the electronic loan acceptance process, you must also complete the entrance loan counseling requirement prior to receiving your loan funds. This one-time requirement should be completed in advance by using the Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling website at You will need your FSA ID to log into the website.  Complete the quiz using your name, social security number and date of birth.  By selecting Bemidji State University when you sign up, the results will be electronically sent to the BSU Financial Aid Office.  Entrance loan counseling is required of all direct loan borrowers including those who may have completed the loan counseling at another institution.

Step 2. Loan Agreement – Master Promissory Note

To receive a Federal Direct Loan, you must also electronically complete a loan agreement for subsidized/unsubsidized loan (Master Promissory Note/mpn) prior to receiving your loan funds. When electronically signing the eMPN, please turn off all pop-up blockers to enable successful completion. You will need to have the following items available to complete the eMPN:

  • Your Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID)
  • Your driver’s license number
  • Names and addresses of two personal references from two different households

After completing these steps, you will receive a “Disclosure Statement” from the Direct Loan Servicing Center listing the disbursements to be made to you. Keep this for your records.

To ensure the integrity and the best interests of our students BSU Employees are subject to the Student Loan Code of Conduct.