Where to Start

Posting student employment jobs are completed through Career Services. If you have an on-campus student job that you need to post, please contact Career Services.

(218) 755-2038


*Please note this is only job postings. All other student employment items have not changed.

A new hire student must complete new hire employment paperwork prior to starting. Please visit the Students – Start Here page for more details on what students need to complete. If a student has worked on campus before, they do not need to complete new hire employment paperwork.

If the student has work-study, the student should complete the work-study form. Supervisors should fill out the bottom portion of the form and bring it to the Student Employment Office.

If the student does not have work-study, the supervisor should complete a Regular Payroll Authorization form and send to Financial Aid for work-study eligibility review. After review, if the student does not qualify for work-study, the Regular Payroll form will be forwarded to the Student Employment office. If the student does qualify for work-study, further instructions will follow from Financial Aid.

Regular Payroll Authorization Form

See Forms page for this document.

Section A needs to be completed by the student.

Section B is to be completed by the supervisor. If you are unsure of the process of a stipend, or if the student should be paid out via stipend, please contact the Student Employment Office.

Regular Payroll Authorizations should be sent to Financial Aid. These forms still need to be checked by FA for work-study eligibility before they can be processed: Box #14, financialaid@bemidjistate.edu

Approving Student E-time

Students should have submitted their e-timesheets no later than the Wednesday after pay period end. E-timesheets are to be approved by the supervisor no later than the Wednesday following pay period end.

Instructions on how to approve e-time can be located on the Resource page.

Stipends are not set up as e-timesheets, and do not require bi-weekly supervisor approval.

Student Employee Hour & Day Limits

The employment hours of student employees must follow the Federal and State labor agreement rules and laws. Students may not volunteer “extra hours” while employed in a department or be asked to put in more time than what they can be legally paid.

Max number of days per timesheet 10
Max hours worked in one day 8
Max hours worked in one week 20
Max hours reported per timesheet 40

Full time hours are ONLY permitted during summer or semester breaks. (8 hrs per day, 40 hrs per work week, 80 hrs per time sheet) NOTE: Overtime is not permitted.

If a student works an 8 hour day they should be recording their 1/2 hour unpaid break.

Student Wage Scale

Students are paid based on the total number of hours worked. As a student works more hours, their pay increases.

Effective 8/18/2021:

0-750 hours $12.50
751-1000 hours $13.00
1001+ hours $13.50

Any special rates exceeding the above require approval from the VP of Finance.

Graduate Assistants

Full-time GA’s may not simultaneously work as a student worker.

Things to Remember

  • If a student ends employment please let the student employment office notice immediately via email. Include the last day worked.
  • A Graduate Assistant cannot work both as a GA and regular student employee.
  • If you are moving a student over from regular payroll to work-study or vice versa, we will need a new work authorization sent up. Please remember to make a note that the student is being moved from regular to work-study or vice versa, somewhere on the form.
  • If a stipend is required to pay a student due to a special project, please note so on the regular payroll authorization before sending up.
  • If you are setting up a new work authorization due to expended funds on a previous work authorization; please note that on the new work authorization form. These types of work authorizations should not be back-dated, but should begin at the start of the current pay period.
  • Students cannot be both a student employee and state employee.
  • A student needs to complete new hire paperwork before they can begin their job (if they have never worked on campus before).
  • If a student does not set up direct deposit in e-services, a check will be mailed to their permanent address on file with the Records office.