BSU distance learning students have unique scholarship opportunities, in addition to some department-based awards available to all undergraduate scholars.

The 2022-23 scholarship application period opens November 1, 2022, and closes February 1, 2023. Be sure to submit your application during that time, using the Foundation Scholarship Application.

If you miss the BSU scholarship application period, please check out other sources of scholarships using the web site here.

Examples of scholarships available to distance learners:

Minnesota Workforce Development Scholarship (WDS) | $2,500 | 1 year

LeadMN Scholarships (April 1 deadline for Fall 2022 awards)

Niganawenimaanaanig (RN-BS Nursing) Program Grant

Edward Gersich Distance Education Scholarship | $1,000 | 1 year
Gladys McKinley Distance Learning Scholarship | $1,000 | 1 year
Michael McKinley Distance Learning Scholarship | $1,000 | 1 year
Northern Minnesota Distance Learning Professional Scholarship | $1,000 | 1 year