Automatic Merit-Based On-Campus Freshmen Scholarships

COVID-19 Update: As we are learning that many April ACT tests are being postponed, BSU will allow for June ACT retakes to be considered for merit scholarship “upgrades”. Transcripts reflecting improved GPA and grades will also be considered through June 26 for merit scholarship upgrades. Students still must be accepted by May 1 to be considered for merit scholarships, but can now improve their award offer with these extensions.

Bemidji State University offers scholarships for which you are considered automatically when you are admitted to the university. All you must do is apply, be admitted, and confirm your enrollment by May 1. It’s that easy! We’ll determine if you meet the criteria outlined for an automatic merit scholarships.

Extra Scholarships Available for Bemidji’s Class of 2020

The Office of Admissions is allowing merit scholarship deadline flexibility for local students who now plan to stay close to home for school due to the pandemic. In addition to deadline flexibility, additional scholarship from our Director’s Scholarship fund are being allocated to local students who have chosen to enroll at Bemidji State University. Local high school seniors who are interested in applying or enrolling to Bemidji State University who would like to learn about eligibility for merit scholarships can contact Robert Strand, Associate Director of Admission ( for more information.

Freshman Merit-Based Scholarship Program

Renewable Criteria
Deadline for Admission
 Presidential Scholarship
 28+ ACT and top 10% of high school graduating class or 3.8+ GPA


total over 4 years

 Student must maintain a 3.25 and enroll full time each semester. May 1
 Academic Achievement 
 25+ ACT and top 30% of high school graduating class or 3.5+ GPA


total over 4 years

 Student must maintain a 3.25 and enroll full time each semester. May 1
University Scholarship 
22+ ACT and top 50% of high school graduating class or 3.2 GPA


total over 2 years

Student must maintain a 3.25 and enroll full time each semester   May 1
  • Students who receive a renewable merit scholarship must maintain at least a 3.25 GPA.
  • Merit scholarships are only available for students enrolled in on-campus programs; online and off-site students are not eligible.
  • Please note, scholarship award packaging may not exceed the total cost of attendance at BSU.

Additional scholarships for new and current BSU students can be accessed through the Scholarship Biography Application.

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