Will the courses taken at Bemidji State University count toward the PSEO student’s graduation requirements?

Yes. It is very important that PSEO students meet regularly with their high school counselor to ensure that courses taken at BSU will meet high school graduation standards.

Will the courses taken at Bemidji State University count toward university credits?

Yes, provided the classes are successfully passed. A university transcript will be established just as it is for every BSU student. It is important PSEO students realize that this is a permanent record that will follow them indefinitely.

Can a PSEO student be a full-time BSU student?

Yes. It is best to visit with the high school counselor to find out exactly how many credits are needed at BSU to meet high school requirements for graduation. For most students, particularly juniors, it is recommended they start the program on a part-time basis.

Note: PSEO students are not eligible to take more than 16 credits per semester.

How does the program work on a part-time basis?

A student will take some courses at their high school and some at BSU. The PSEO Coordinator at the university will determine how many credits a student is eligible for, depending on how many clock hours the high school counselor designates on the application form.

What if a university class is failed?

That is one of the risks a student takes in this program. If a student fails a class required for graduation, they might not be able to graduate with their high school class. In addition, there will be a permanent university transcript, which will record the failing grade. Students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average each semester to continue in the program.

What if PSEO students decide to withdraw from classes for which they have registered?

Before withdrawing, it is always recommended that a student work with faculty to address their concerns and fully understand the resources available to be successful in that particular course.

Withdrawing from a course will result in a "W" on the college transcript. It will not impact GPA, but it will impact college credit completion rate (the ratio of credits attempted vs. credits completed), which can eventually impact a student's academic standing.

If a student withdraws after the withdrawal date for a complete refund, that school district will be billed at the contracted rate. Also, withdrawing from any classes may affect meeting high school graduation requirements

How does FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) apply to PSEO students?

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, commonly referred to as FERPA, is a federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records of all students, including PSEO students. This federal law prohibits the university to share non-directory student records with parents. This includes grades and your student can choose to sign an Authorization to Release Student Information page to give you access to non-directory information.

Can PSEO students be employed on-campus?

PSEO students are not eligible for on-campus work study or regular payroll positions.

Can PSEO students attend summer sessions?

The PSEO program is only for regular academic year (fall and spring semester) classes unless the student is enrolled in a state-approved Learning Year Program.

Is coursework more difficult than high school?

Generally, yes. The responsibility for learning is primarily on the student. The student should plan on spending two hours of study for every hour of class. PSEO students are taking classes with students who are older and who have completed high school.

What is expected of the PSEO student at Bemidji State University?

Bemidji State University is committed to the success of PSEO students. In order for this educational experience to be meaningful and productive, BSU expects that the student will:

  • Attend all regularly scheduled classes.
  • Maintain a 2.0 or above grade point average each term to remain eligible for the program. Keep in contact with the high school counselor as well as the PSEO Coordinator at BSU. Contact the BSU PSEO Coordinator if any problems should arise regarding academic progress.
  • Not take more than the approved number of credits per term. If you are unsure of the number allowed, ask your high school counselor or the PSEO Coordinator.
  • Only register for courses numbered in the 1000 and 2000 levels. On a case by case basis, student can ask for faculty approval to take 3000 or 4000 level courses.
  • PSEO funding is not available for remedial courses or classes with course specific fees that exceed $100.
  • PSEO students can enroll up to 16 credits per term.
  • Your PSEO books need to be returned to the BSU Bookstore at the end of the semester. Students may not be allowed to register for the next term and can be charged a used book price if their PSEO books are not returned to the BSU Bookstore.


Contact PSEO Coordinator

If you would like to discuss the PSEO eligibility further, please contact the Admissions Office.