New Student Registration

Registration for 2023

Spring 2023 Start

Accepted students for Spring 2023 will soon be able to sign up for New Student Registration appointments. Visit this page again, or contact your Admissions Representative for updates.

Fall 2023 start

Accepted students for Fall 2023 can sign up for New Student Registration beginning Dec. 5, 2022 at 6:00 PM!

BSU strongly encourages new on-campus students to attend an in-person program between March and June. These programs will provide access to many on-campus resources, include informational sessions for parents, and provide guidance and time for students to work with advisors within their academic program to build a schedule and register for their first semester of classes.

Remote registration is available for those who live further than 6 hours away. Remote registration is designed for new students to work with an Academic Advisor to build a class schedule and register for their first semester.

Available dates:

  • Coming soon!

Please note:

If you’ve earned credits from other colleges or universities, or through avenues such as AP or CLEP make sure we know about them! Contact those schools or organizations to request they send BSU an official copy of your transcript or scores. (These need to go directly to us, rather than through you.)

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