How do I submit my high school transcript and ACT score?

Your high school counselor or staff from the school district needs to submit the transcripts either by mail or through a secure online system such as Parchment.

If you didn't include BSU as a school to receive your ACT score automatically, you can go into your ACT account and request it be sent. If your ACT Composite and all subscores are listed on your high school transcript, we will accept that. If you took the SAT and those scores are not on your transcript, please request they be sent to BSU through your College Board account.

I am a high school senior and not done with classes. Do I send my incomplete transcript now?

You should have your high school send us a transcript that reflects your progress at the time you apply to BSU, even if you haven't graduated from high school, yet.

You will also be required to have your high school send a transcript after you've graduated from high school.

How do I log into MyBSU and my Office 365 email?

The username for your MyBSU account is Your StarID with your StarID password. If you don’t know your StarID password or need to reset it, go to https://starid.minnstate.edu/.

Your Office 365 and Outlook email username is YourStarID@go.minnstate.edu and the same StarID password. Trouble getting in? Call the BSU HelpDesk at 218-755-3777 or submit a request.

Will every college credit I earned in high school be transferred? What if I don't like the grade I received in a college class?

College credits earned in high school will transfer just the same as if you earned the credit after graduation. If a college class doesn't transfer into a specific core curriculum goal area or your major, it will transfer as an elective credit. General courses with grades A through D will transfer, but F grades do not.

It's important to note that we do not transfer your college GPA, only the earned credits. You may retake college courses you did not excel in while in high school if you like.

Where can I find what classes transferred?

We call this "checking your DAR", or Degree Audit Report. Log into your eServices account, and then open your Academic Records tab. Click on Degree Audit Report and follow the instructions.

Note: for first-year freshmen students, we don’t typically evaluate transfer credits until the week before you attend a New Student Registration event and/or register for BSU classes.

Do I need a computer?

Although campus doesn’t require you to have a computer, certain majors do require it.

We have computer labs all over campus for students to use (including a 24 hour lab in Decker Hall) – these are both PC and Mac computers that can either run Windows or Apple software.

We offer FREE installation of Microsoft Office on a computer you bring with you.

We recommend bringing whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Do you offer tutoring if I am struggling with a class?

Yes, we offer FREE tutoring through our Advising Success Center, as well as 15 hours on tutor.com included in your tuition.

There are Peer Academic Advisors (PAA's) on every floor in the residence halls that are also available to help with academic questions and concerns.

I am undecided, do you have any resources to help?

Advising Success Center is a resource on campus where students can seek support in choosing the right major. Every student on campus will take a Strengths Finder Assessment to assess their top 5 strengths and how they relate to your daily life as well as career potential.

You have time to decide! The first couple semesters you will be taking generals so don’t feel rushed.

Can a freshman take online classes?

We highly encourage all first-year students to enroll in on-campus classes only. There are very few general education courses offered online. In rare cases, we can make exceptions for students well-suited to online learning.

When can I have a car on campus?

You can get a parking pass any time starting your freshman year. Parking passes are available for purchase through the Cashier's office.

Is it easy to find transportation?

Yes. Bemidji and the surrounding communities can use Paul Bunyan Transit to get around town. There’s also Jefferson Lines that have buses go to Fargo and Minneapolis daily.

We also have cabs and Lyft.

Where do I register for housing/meal plans?

In your E-Services account under Housing. The housing application opens in October for accepted students, the meal plans aren’t selected until the following June when room selection windows open.