Sending Transcripts

Transfering to Bemidji State means you’ll need to request official transcripts be sent from previous schools you’ve attended, even if you did not complete courses (withdrawals) or believe that your credits will transfer.

When requesting official transcripts from your previous schools, have them sent:

by U.S. Mail (paper official transcript) OR by e-mail (electronic official transcript)
Bemidji State Admissions
1500 Birchmont Dr NE #13
Bemidji, MN 56601

Minnesota State Transcripts

If you attended a Minnesota State school (or schools) since the early 90s, chances are we can retrieve your official transcripts from that school electronically. By applying to BSU, you are giving us permission to check and retrieve your official records from these other schools. In some cases, a transcript is not released due to financial obligations you may have to the school, in which case you must settle that obligation prior to being admitted to BSU.

Sometimes Minnesota State transcripts are too old to be available electronically. In those cases, we ask that you call the registrar of the school and request a paper copy be produced and mailed to BSU.

Non-U.S. Transcripts

To determine whether coursework from non-U.S. schools can be transferred and applied to your BSU degree program, you are required to have this coursework evaluated by a professional credit evaluation agency. BSU will accept course-by-course evaluations prepared by any National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) members. A list of all NACES-approved members can be found at the following website:

Please note that the evaluation must be sent directly to BSU Admissions by the credential evaluation agency. Electronic transcripts can be emailed to

What if I Can’t Get My Transcript?

It’s possible that the school you’ve attended previously has since closed. First, check this Minnesota Office of Higher Education resource to see who might have access to the records of the closed school:

If an official transcript is not available, have a representative from the OHE send BSU Admissions a letter/email stating that no record can be retrieved. If your previous school is from outside of Minnesota, find the higher education authority in the state where your school was located, and ask for assistance in recovering your record.

It is very rare that a record cannot be recovered, or that a letter cannot be written verifying that a record no longer exists. Please do as much as you can to investigate before applying to BSU.