Returning Students

If you previously were admitted to, or completed courses with BSU and then took some time away, you may need some guidance on where to start. These resources are for you!

Do you need to re-apply for admission?

If you did not enroll in the term you for which you applied, please submit a new application. It’s free to re-apply as an undergraduate, and the application will remember much of your previously-entered data. We’ll use your new app to update your personal and academic information, and restart your access to technology resources you’ll need. Click here for instructions on how to re-apply.

Reinstating your technology access (BSU email, eServices, D2L Brightspace)

As long as your StarID is/was connected to BSU, and you have updated your StarID password, you should still have access to BSU eServices and D2L Brightspace.

StarID maintenance (including password changes):

eServices login:

D2L Brightspace login:

BSU email account and MyBSU access: These tools typically require you to be registered for classes before you can regain access. If you are not on academic suspension, you may register for classes in eServices using your StarID and password – you do not need to login to MyBSU to register. Note that your email and MyBSU account access may take up to 24 hours to return, after you successfully register for classes.

If you return during a period when registration is not open, please contact the BSU HelpDesk or a BSU Transfer Advisor so we can offer a solution. Re-applying to BSU is usually enough to reset your admission status and regain access to email and MyBSU tools.

Returning after enrollment in BSU courses, with no attendance elsewhere

Previously-enrolled students usually do not need to re-apply for admission to BSU. It is best to connect with the BSU Records office to be sure your account is updated with new information, and to ensure you don’t have any active holds preventing registration. This is a good time to update your major and catalog year (requirements change frequently). Also check with the BSU Advising Success Center regarding your faculty advisor. That person will change depending on your major, and a few other factors.

Returning after enrollment in BSU courses, with attendance elsewhere in between

If you attended BSU, then stepped away and enrolled at another college or university (or several), you will need to re-apply to BSU. We require that you request official transcripts from any school(s) you’ve attended in the meantime, so that we may transfer the credits you’ve earned. Having these documents on file is also required for financial aid verification. If we do not receive these transcripts, your financial aid eligibility and/or enrollment eligibility may be compromised.

In general, in these cases it is always best to connect with a BSU Transfer Advisor. They can help update your account and ensure that we have all the information needed for a successful return.

Returning after being admitted, without BSU enrollment

If you were admitted previously, but did not attend the term indicated on your application, your admission status will change. Here are the most common situations and tips for moving forward:

Application expiration

An application (and the admitted student status) is good for the term for which a student applies. We will retain submitted college and high school transcripts and other documents for up to five years from the time of admission for students who do not enroll, so being re-admitted should be quick and cost-free in most situations.

Deferring enrollment

If you had planned to start in one term, but need to defer enrollment to a future term within 12 months, please contact your Admissions Representative or Transfer Advisor to request an enrollment deferral. You do not need to re-apply for the future term, unless it is beyond 12 months from your original start term.

Returning after academic and/or financial aid suspension

Your eServices Dashboard (see the top part of this page on how to login) should inform you of any active holds on your account that would prevent a successful return. The two most common holds are for academic suspension and financial aid suspension. In most cases, a new application to BSU is not needed. Instead, you will need to submit one or both of the following petitions:

Academic Suspension Petition: Download the petition form here. Submit this petition to the BSU Records office, as indicated on the form. Attach any supporting documents or letters of recommendation.

Petition for Reinstatement of Financial Aid: Download the petition form here. Submit this petition to the BSU Financial Aid office, as indicated on the form. Attach any supporting documents, including an academic plan that can be done in consultation with the BSU Advising Success Center, or with your BSU Transfer Advisor.

Other holds: If you discover other holds on your account, please learn more about them here:, and connect with the appropriate office for resolution.

Finding the Forms You Need

Most forms you may need to return can be found here: