Beaver Bound: Preparing to Attend

Welcome to Bemidji State University!

We are so excited to welcome you to the Bemidji State family! Congratulations on becoming a Beaver! While it is best to get this information from one of the live webinars, here are some helpful links and videos to assist you along your journey to campus this fall.

Academic Advising & Registration

If you have not already registered for classes, make sure that you schedule an appointment with our Advising Success Center to get your class schedule locked in! 

Advising & Registration is more than just choosing your courses for the semester. Your advisor will be a key partner in ensuring you complete your degree efficiently, but they are also there to support you if you need some help considering other options! Below are four videos explaining the components to your BSU degree and tools to help you track your progress.

Housing & Residential Life

First-year students at Bemidji State are required to live on campus, and the Office Housing & Residential Life makes sure that it will be a great experience for you! From room and roommate selection to accessing laundry facilities and your meal plans, the friendly staff will help you along the way. Check out these links to learn more!

Financial Aid

Bemidji State offers many ways to get financial assistance for college, from grants and employment to loans and scholarships. The Office of Financial Aid staff will ensure you achieve your degree without spending a lot of time worrying about money. They don’t want you to graduate with too much debt, so they always do their best to help you make the most responsible decisions possible.

Support for Your Journey

Your college experience might not be perfectly smooth sailing, so we have all kinds of support available depending on what you need. Whether you need some extra academic help, information on student employment, or emotional support, Bemidji State has you covered.

Technology Assistance

Campus Life

Life at Bemidji State is what you make of it! We have lots of opportunities for you to get involved and connect with the students, faculty and staff on campus. Whether you join one of our clubs or organizations, explore cultures with the American Indian Resource Center or the Student Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, join an intramural team or take logrolling lessons with campus recreation, make an effort to find a group that matches your interests!