Types of Aid

Learn more about the various types of aid to figure out which ones fit your needs. Visit the Financial Aid One Stop for more information.


Grants do not have to be repaid. To qualify an eligible student must be an undergraduate who has not earned a bachelor; or professional degree. Once you are admitted to BSU and you have completed all the requirements for the financial aid process, you will automatically be considered for federal, state and university grants based on financial need demonstrated by the FAFSA.


BSU offers nearly $2.3 million in scholarships every year. Over 30% of all new entering students receive scholarships.

In addition, there are hundreds to choose from nationally using Scholarship Search.

Student Employment

BSU offers employment to students through the work study program and regular payroll program. The university employs over 1,500 students every school year, and we award about $800,000 each year in Work Study funds. You need to complete the FAFSA by the priority deadline of January 1 and answer YES to the work study question on the FAFSA to be considered for the program. Explore more information about student employment.


Students and their parents have a wide variety of loan options available to them, each with different terms, interest rates and repayment plans. Unlike grants or scholarships, all recipients must repay their loans with interest, so research your options carefully and borrow conservatively.

Federal loans typically offer lower interest rates and better benefits than alternative and private loans. We strongly encourage you to maximize your federal loan eligibility before considering alternative loans.