Admission Criteria

Priority dates

Priority Application and Scholarship Deadline: February 1
Ensures early access to class registration and the housing application. Admission prior to February 1st is required for Foundation Scholarships.

Merit Scholarship Deadline: May 1
Eligibility for first-year student merit scholarships requires acceptance prior to May 1st. These scholarships are based on your admission application materials only.

Test optional admission

ACT or SAT scores are not required for admission, nor for merit scholarships. We encourage the submission of test scores if you have them.

Application fee

Bemidji State University does not charge an application fee to undergraduate applicants.

Guaranteed admission

Students earning any of these marks will be guaranteed admission as freshman applicants; ACT Composite score of 21+ OR ranked top 50% of your high school class OR 2.75 GPA*

Transfer admission

See specific transfer admission criteria on the Transfer Advising site.

PSEO admission

PSEO admission has its own criteria found here: PSEO Eligibility.

What if I don’t meet these requirements?

Applicants below the automatic admission criteria are frequently admitted to BSU under a conditional admission offer. Students who do not meet admission criteria may be accepted conditionally upon recommendation of the Admissions Review Committee. No applicant is refused admission to the university on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex or disability.

Every applicant to BSU is reviewed on an individual basis. Admission is granted to applicants who will, in the judgment of the Admissions Review Committee, make positive contributions to the community life of the university and be able to progress satisfactorily toward the completion of all degree requirements. The committee evaluates secondary school achievement, recommendations from counselors, test scores and personal achievement.

In evaluating applications, the Admissions Review Committee also considers special circumstances which may have affected the applicant’s prior academic achievement.

Recommended checklist for first-year students

View our recommended steps for admission and enrollment here.

*When provided, weighted GPAs will be used to determine a student’s admissions eligibility.

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