Sophie Statsman

Sophie StatsmanHello, my name is Sophie Statsman and I’m from Eveleth, Minn. I am currently a freshman at BSU and I am majoring in English Education. I was part of my high school’s speech and drama teams, and I plan on pursuing that as a teacher. I am a new University Ambassador this year, and I’m excited to meet new Beavers in years to come. I currently live in Oak Hall so I can answer almost any question you may have about Oak. I enjoy listening and singing along to music, art, hanging out with friends, and almost anything to do with the outdoors.

I decided to attend BSU because of its teaching program. Many of my former teachers attended BSU, so it was favorably recommended to me. On my tour, I felt right at home on campus because of the atmosphere here. I’m excited to attend sporting events as a freshman and cheer on BSU.