COVID-19 Updates

Bemidji State University is making some temporary updates to our admission policy to help students navigate the challenges presented to them in these uncertain times.

No deadline to confirm enrollment

COVID has required many students to abruptly change their plans. Bemidji State will not enforce any confirmation of enrollment deadlines for upcoming semesters. Students can confirm their intent to enroll and register for classes up to the last day business day prior to classes beginning for a given semester.

Moving to “Test Flexible” Admission

For Fall 2020 applicants, an ACT will not be required for an application review or admission decision. We continue to encourage ACT/SAT test submissions as part of the application process, but understand that many student are unable to take these exams at this time. We will base our decision on a combination of GPA, contents of your transcript, and any optional supporting documents (essays or letter of recommendation) you submit.

For Fall 2021 applicants, we will continue to offer “Test Flexible” admission, as described above.

In both cases, we still encourage the submission of ACT or SAT scores. Test scores will still be a required component for academic scholarship and NCAA athletic opportunities. For students with a lower GPA, submission of an ACT will positively impact your chances of admission.

ACT “Super Scoring” for Admission and Scholarships

Many students have contacted us about losing the opportunity to retake your ACT to improve merit scholarship chances. We will allow for ACT and SAT “Super Scoring” for admission and merit scholarship purposes, including those students who have already received an academic scholarship offer. To learn more about what a “Super Score” is, please visit ACT’s website.

For students who have taken multiple ACT tests, we encourage submission of all test scores for the best result. These can be submitted through ACT’s website, by a high school official via email, or on a high school transcript.

Accommodating Pass/Fail Grading

For students who are receiving Pass or Fail grades for the current semester, BSU will consider “Pass” grades as a good thing. We will review your transcripts fully and use overall cumulative GPA for admissions decisions.

Please contact your Admissions Representative if you have questions about how these changes impact you.

Some of the common questions we’ve been receiving are outlined here. If you have a specific question for Bemidji State University’s Office of Admissions, please submit a question below directly to our leadership team.

How are campus tours impacted and when can I schedule an on-campus visit?

Until normal campus operations resume, our admission office team will be available via cell phone or email during normal business hours. We will have limited staffing on-campus in Deputy Hall from 9 AM to 3 PM on weekdays.

We have created virtual visit options, including video tours, self paced online tours, and Zoom based video call information sessions.

On-campus tours are limited to accepted students only, with some tour route and group size limitations.

How do I contact the office if I have questions?

We recommend that you work directly with your Admissions Representative if you have any questions for us at this time. Their cell phone (call or text) or email is the best way to reach us at this time.

I'm ready to sign up for classes for an upcoming semester, what should I do next?

Please visit our Academic Advising and Registration (AAR) page to review our Remote Registration option.

My ACT/SAT test retake has been cancelled and I'm not sure how to proceed with my application?
ACT or SAT tests will be optional for admission purposes. At this time, many scholarships will still require a standardized test for eligibility. We continue to encourage the submission of a test score if you have it, and understand that retaking may not have been an option for students this year. ACT scores that are submitted will only be considered as a supplement and not a required component to the application.
Contact your Admissions Representative if you have specific questions about your case.
How will scholarships work if I am admitted without an ACT?

Scholarships that have a required ACT/SAT component will still require a test score for eligibility. Our office still encourages an ACT/SAT submission for this purpose.

General scholarship information and criteria can be found here.

COVID Questions


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