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Planning a Visit

Seeing the campus helps every student make up their mind.

As a parent, you want to provide every opportunity for helping your child make the right decision about college.  For most students, a campus visit becomes the turning point when they can finally see themselves on campus, going to classes, and taking part in college life. Even if they aren't sure yet of what they want to study, a campus visit can help them to understand what they should be thinking about as they evaluate schools.

Photo of students outside Decker HallBSU provides a very hands-on experience when you visit, making sure you get the opportunity to explore everything from seeing the campus to meeting students and faculty. The more we know about what you want to see, the more we can personalize the experience for you and your child. Contact us early and we'll help you plan a trip that helps them get the most out of it.

Click here to learn more about planning a visit to BSU.


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